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To better understand the term 'fictive architecture', think of the difference between a novel and non-fiction book. In a novel, there is no bound to the imaginative leaps that can occur, whereas within a non-fiction book meticulous care must be taken to adhere to the facts and present them elegantly. Most architecture is like the latter, fictive architecture as I am proposing is like the former.

3D Model

3D Model Architecture

Inspired from the artistic design of the wall-painting, we can apply one of these attractive wallpaper mural design construction for our wall. Use the simple design in the friendly material of the color and paint we will give the extraordinary scenery for our home. Combine with the imaginary and the art, this mural was suitable for those who love in art-work. See the gold vintage wallpaper mural design,...
Green house

Green Architecture

Green building brings together a vast array of practices and techniques to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health. It often emphasizes taking advantage of renewable resources, e.g., using sunlight through passive solar, active solar, and photovoltaic techniques and using plants and trees through green roofs, rain gardens, and for reduction of rainwater run-off. Many other techniques, such as using packed gravel or permeable concrete instead of conventional concrete or asphalt to enhance replenishment of ground water, are used as well.

Luxury Architecture

There are so many features that luxury homes can possess and are notable compared to conventional houses. One of them is the value of the property. Like what was stated earlier, these properties are not easily sold and bought by the prospects. This is because of the skyrocketing prices of the houses. When you try to check out online for those luxury homes for sale, you will notice the unbelievable prices shooting up here and there. For ordinary homeowners, these homes will remain to be part of their childhood memories of living in a fake home.